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Frequently asked questions

Q: When does CRISSCROSS end on Kickstarter?

A: Our Kickstarter campaign ran for 30 days and ended at 4pm - 16.06.2016.

Q: Where will you ship to?

A: Currently, some of our rewards only ship to the Europe Union due to their weight. However, our DIY Kits ship all over the world.

Q: When are you planning to ship?

A: If we're successful, our aim is to ship CRISSCROSS to our backers by September 2016.

Q: What colours will CRISSCROSS come in?

A: You'll be able to choose from Natural, Red, Grey and Black.

Q: What's CRISSCROSS finished with?

A: We use a natural, child-friendly wood wax to protect CRISSCROSS from accidental knocks and spills.

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